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About us


Can you imagine a more holistic way of life? We bring TOP HEMP BAR, where we carry a variety of pure naturally-formulated CBD Oils and products.

TOP HEMP BAR is a place where you can find the most researched knowledge, high-quality products, and authentic testimonies. Created by a single mom-turned-advocate, TOP HEMP BAR is here for one reason only; to help you feel completely at ease with CBD’s magnificent benefits and how CBD can help you in your daily lives.

We offer two lines of CBD Oil:

Golden Spice and Harmony.

Mrs. James has done all the work for you, offering you access to the best United States-based CBD manufacturer and the best CBD farm producing organically-grown plants without pesticides and or GMO’s. TOP HEMP BAR takes the time needed to offer the best product which allows for the best CBD results.

Tyronda James, FOUNDER
TOP HEMP BAR was proudly founded in 2019, by Tyronda James after being touted for its many health benefits. James is a true testament to CBD’s amazing capabilities.

Last year, James was introduced to CBD products by a long-time friend from Los Angeles, California who encouraged her to attend a seminar that explained the difference between CBD and Medical Marijuana and it was then that James became consumed with researching CBD. What she found was simply amazing and what she experienced motivated her to create TOP HEMP BAR. James has been practicing a holistic lifestyle for the past 30 years and found CBD to be one of many beneficial products.

About CBD Oil

If you’re new to the craze surrounding CBD, we’d be happy to explain why it’s becoming a huge trend and will be a $60 billion market in the United States by 2022.

CBD Oil is a natural alternative to modern medicine that is just one component of the hemp plant converted into oil.

The great thing about TOP HEMP BAR is that you can enjoy the benefits of the extensive amount of research that’s been done on this plant at your fingertips. CBD is just one of the many great strands of the Cannabis-Hemp Plant. CBD can be taken internally (digested), sublingual (under the tongue), Topical (applied to the skin) and through vaporization.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to inner-city community organizations that specialize in bringing art programs to the youth.