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Immune Booster Hemp Gummies

Golden Spice Immune Booster Gummies

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Hemp Gummies 

600mg total hemp extract/ 60 Gummy's, 10mg per piece

Vitamin C - Vitamin D - Zinc, 

Ingredients: LIght corn syrup (corn syrup, salt, vanilla), sugar, water, gelatine, vitamin c (l-ascorbic acid), modified corn starch, natural & artificial flavors, propylene glycol, zinc, malic acid, cane syrup, honey, organic hemp oil, citric acid - adm, sweetener (maltodextrin, sucralose), red #40, red #3, yellow #5, yellow #6, blue #1, blue #2, or titanium dioxide), modified corn starch, vegetable gum, citric acid, and less than 1/10 of 1% sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (as preservatives), vitamin (d3) (cholecalciferol), selenium, Hemp Extract.
Directions: 2 Gummy Drops per serving. Do not exceed 4 pieces every six hours.